Canada Golf Card Welcomes ELLWEE to Canada!


The ELLWEE Advantage

(NASDAQ stock symbol ELLWEE.ST)

Bringing CUTTING edge technology to your golf facility

The BEST single Rider option on the market……period!

  • Best in Class manufacturing, made in Sweden.
  • Built like a traditional golf cart. FEATURING AUTO BRAKE. Safe and FUN
  • Caters to ALL age categories (ages 16 to 70 years old)
  • INCREASED REVENUE….(average rental $30 to $40 per rider)  
  • Rent each ELLWEE out 3 to 4 times a day
  • FASTER ROUNDS by 30% on single rider carts
  • AFFORDABLE lease rates available
  • Create a SOCIAL MEDIA sensation for your course as people post pics on social media of their experience!
  • 1 63 Amp LITHIUM BATTERY – 3 or 4 rounds a day on a charge
  • Increased Advertising for your golf facility
  • CUTTING EDGE, COOL and FUN. (speed is set to 18 km/hour, same as golf cart)
  • Currently BOOKING 10 days out for ELLWEEs at courses in the USA and EUROPE
  • Specifically designed for golf courses to limit turf damage

Simply put the ELLWEE golf cart deploys a reliable, tested technology for a FUN and SAFE golf experience.

Taking Orders now for Canada.

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Canada Golf Card is the Exclusive Canadian Dealer of ELLWEE